If it is about “thin-steel processing”, feel free to consult with us!

From the early start, Daiyu Steel has pursued excellency in steel machining technology, particularly leveling, slitting, and shearing processing technology. Through the Motto: “Continuously produce and provide quality products that are reliable and satisfy customers”, each of our employees always appreciates the customer’s voice; strives to enhance skills, and becomes more genuinely creative.

Our strengths are not only the ability to address and fulfill the customer needs for a wide range variety of steel grades, sizes, delivery lots, and schedules but also the ability to be operated as an integrated Coil center from the processing function to the quality control and then the distribution function. Please feel free to contact us for anything related to thin-steel material processing. Daiyu Steel will beneficially respond to every request as an expert in the steel processing industry.

CEO Hiroyuki Inoue

Business Outline

Leading Coil Center in Western Japan

Daiyu Steel, which has four factories: the Headquarter, the Sakaihama, the Komatsu, and the Vietnam factory; supplies a vast area mainly from Western Japan to the Hokuriku as well as the Tokai areas. It is one of the leading Coil centers in Western Japan that specializes in processing steel material with thicknesses from 50μm to 3.2mm.
Moreover, as a strategic position for Vietnam’s market, the Ho Chi Minh-based factory has been supplied to many local businesses.
Daiyu’s factories do not simply operate the processing function but also the quality control, inventory management, and distribution functions as completed Coil centers that contribute thoroughly to the production chain of various products in a wide range of industries.
We strive to solve customer’s issues by tailoring the needs of our customers


Head factory
Slit/Leveler /Shearing processing


Sakaihama factory
Slit processing of non-oiled surface treatment steel sheet


Komatsu factory
Slit/Leveler /Shearing processing


Vietnam factory
Slit/Leveler /Shearing processing

Coil Center Functions

Steel material in coils (hereinafter referred to as “coils” or “steel coils”) manufactured by steel manufacturers are usually large and heavy, consequently becoming difficult for end-users to process and preserve.
Therefore, as a Coil center, we serve as a bridge between manufacturers and customers; become an indispensable presence for the business related to steel materials.
The Coil center has three main functions:

1. Processing Function

The processing function of a Coil Center is cutting the bulky steel coils manufactured by manufacturers into the specifications requested by the customer.
The process of cutting a coil into rings is called slitting, into plates (hereafter referred to as sheets) is levering, and the process of making these sheets into smaller sheets is shearing.
From the bulky state, steel coils are processed to the applicable sizes according to the customer’s requirement.







2. Quality Control Function

Coil defects caused by the manufacturing process and scratches that occurred during transportation are eliminated in accordance with strict the quality control system while processing
Post-processed coils and sheets, of which dimensions, weights, and quantities are strictly measured and controlled exactly to the customer’s specification, will be promptly delivered.
In addition, post-processed products will be wrapped in rust-proof paper to preserve these valuable products from rusting - the biggest concern of steel.


3. Logistics and Distribution function

By efficient inventory management, an adequate number of steel coils supplied by steel manufacturers is secured, enabling us to adjust and minimized the gap between the customer's demand and the supply of each steel manufacturer.
Moreover, post-processed products will also be promptly delivered straight to customers.