Corporation Group


Daiyu has developed its business with heightened added value through the group synergy

Daiyu Co.,Ltd

Daiyu Co.,Ltd, a part of Daiyu Group, has Shearing Department-cutting levelered steel sheet smaller to meet customers' requested size-and Packing Department-packing products speedily. Steel pipe Division is responsible for making and selling pipes with variety of diameter, thickness and length. Engineering Division also manufactures and sells "Slim-ace machine" which automatically cuts steel strip into fixed size and quantity used in packing products after slit, leveler and shearing processing.

  • Shearing Department

  • Packing Department

We are perfecting our pipe processing and supplying a great variety of pipe with diameter 15.9mm, 19.1mm, 22.2mm, 25.4mm; thickness from 0.6mm to 1.6mm; maximum original pipe length 6,300mm.

Daiyu Distribution Co.,Ltd

We carry on fast and punctual distribution function

Daiyu Distribution Co.,Ltd was established in April 2005 as a specialist group in steel sheet-steel pipe transportatin and delivery. We have equipped the optimal vehicles and facility to carry on distribution function for heavy loads of steel sheet and steel pipe. We also implement just-in-time supply for urgent needs of customers.